Our Farmers

The goods of the North Circle Online Farmers Market are lovingly grown and crafted using organic techniques in the East Central Region of Minnesota.

Read on to meet our farmers.

Amador Hill Farm and Orchard (WEI)

Jacquelyn Zita, et al.

Almalund, MN

The Women’s Environmental Institute (WEI), a local nonprofit and Chisago County Charity Organization, is the administrative arm of the North Circle On-Line Farmers Market. WEI is also one of the farms (Amador Hill Farm and Orchard) in the North Circle. WEI’s farm program was started in 2006 in an effort to connect our environmental, agricultural and food justice work with a working farm and a vision of a regional food system. Our education program is grounded on the farm as place to train new farmers and gardeners on organic ways of growing food and farming together.

We have devoted the last 12 years to restoring the soil quality on our farm through cover cropping, rotations, compost making and other organic methods.  WEI currently grows over 150 varieties of vegetables and fruit to support the North Circle and other markets.

Beulah Land Farm

Michelle Fryc

Stark, MN

Our family farm has been in the family for over 50 years.   It is a beautiful and serene place to live and grow a family and food for ourselves and our community.  We offer eggs, produce and multigrain bread from freshly ground flours.  Our favorite vegetable to grow is celery.  The taste is so fresh and crisp.  Additionally, its leaves are a wonderful addition to a salad, sandwich or soup.  If you haven't had our celery, you don't know what real celery tastes like!

Bone Lake Meadows Apiary

Mike and Cathy Mackiewicz

Scandia, MN


Bone Lake Meadows Apiary is located in the open, rural spaces of Washington County, Minnesota. Our apiary aims towards sustainable beekeeping. Back in Mike’s Master Gardening days at the University of Minnesota, he received a colony of bees as a gift from his family. What started out as an addition to the garden for pollination became a passion in no time. Since 2001, Bone Lake Meadows has had hives in various locations along the St. Croix River Valley. As beekeepers it’s our job to set up our bees to succeed. We do this by placing our bees on organically farmed land, orchards, garden plots and CSA farms. 
All of our honey is completely raw and filtered once to remove large chunks of wax. With this process you can both taste and see the difference. After harvesting, we use our own beeswax to make hand-poured candles and natural lotions and lip balms. 

Northwood Mushrooms

Jeremy McAdams

Clayton, WI

Cherry Tree House Mushrooms is a farm northeast of the Twin Cities that provides log-grown shiitake and other culinary and medicinal mushrooms and mushroom products to markets, restaurants, vegetable CSAs, and stores in the Twin Cities and the upper midwest

We are a small scale family farm in Harris MN,  in our 4th year of operation. We grow chemical free food, flowers and forage for our family, friends and animals. We strive to preserve  the agrarian way of life and the farm landscape of our community. The conservation of wildlife, watersheds and pollinator habitat is at the forefront of our farming practices: we want this land and farm to be a legacy we gift to future generations. We produce pastured-raised pork, turkey, and chicken and feed our animals soy-free organic grain. We also offer a variety of market vegetables and herbs, cut flowers, maple syrup, and strawberry products.

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Evermore Forest Farm

Tacy & Chuck Call

Harris, MN

We’re a family farm in Harris, Minnesota, committed to producing sustainable, chemical-free food, flowers, and forage for our friends, family and neighbors. Our favorites to grow are cut flowers and berries. We enjoy connecting with our community through North Circle. Thank you for supporting local farms. 

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Ferris Family Farm

Jessica, Jon, Rob, Carol and Ellie Ferris

Cambridge, MN

The Ferris Family Farm is a 40-acre multi-generational family farm located between Princeton and Cambridge, Minnesota. We raise laying hens, chickens, and pigs using organic farming standards. We use no antibiotics and no steroids.

 We feed our animals wholesome, natural feed without soy, no corn, no animal byproducts, and no GMO’s. We believe animals that are treated well and fed well, pastured and raised in the sunshine will be happier and healthier. In turn they will provide meat that is healthier for us and has superior flavor and texture.

We invite you to join us in our venture to feed our bodies with high-quality foods.

Fresh Starts Farm

 Rye Carlson & Greta Larson

Mora, MN

Fresh Starts Farm is a new, diversified farm in Mora, MN bringing ecologically grown vegetables, pasture raised eggs and forest raised pork to market in central - northern Minnesota. Rye Carlson and friends began cultivating a few acres of family land in 2015. Work continues to improve the health of the land in order to deliver nutritious food to our Minnesota community.


Garden Magic

John Ice & Gabrielle Chambliss

Isanti, MN

Located in Isanti Minnesota, Garden Magic grows nutrient-rich veggies in spring, summer and autumn. We use sustainable and regenerative farming techniques, which are mostly completed by hand. Our soil is enriched only with organic matter, minerals, micro-life supplements and love. We love the Earth and love feeding people. To learn more about Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and growing nutrient-rich food for your family, please visit us at www.gardenmagic.us. In perfect vibrant health! Always, Farmer John and Gabrielle.


Kelsey Love

Almalund, MN

Heirloomista is a woman-owned, woman-run boutique farm. The farm was born from the curiosity of how and why food comes to be. Naturally, it started with a seed and a few years later Kelsey was in business. With her background in biodynamic farming and horticulture, she uses both biodynamic and organic principles on her 5-acre farm. Producing beautiful, high vitality, high quality food is what she does. Her specialty is heirloom tomatoes, but she grows a diverse spread of herbs, vegetables and flowers. Kelsey loves pollinators, seed saving and making value-added products with what her farm yields. This is her second year growing with the food hub and she looks forward to providing your family with the freshest farm goods! For more information on the farm, please visit www.heirloomista.com or stop by for a visit!

Love thy Neighbor Farm

Joe and Mari Peterson

Harris, MN

We are a small, family-owned farm. At Love Thy Neighbor Farm we believe in our slogan, “healthy planet, healthy people’, that is why we are eco- friendly and chemical free growers since 2010. We grow berries and have a wide range of vegetables. We offer free range poultry and eggs too. We welcome visitors to our place, come see us sometime!

Before we got married we talked about farming! Neither of us had any previous experience but we both like the idea of working the land. We bought a small property of almost 5 acres and started to grow vegetables. We believe in taking care of the environment and the land. We believe in sustainable ways of farming and it is a wonderful satisfaction to provide the best we can to our customers and to think that we are contributing to their wellbeing. Mari is from Mexico and Joe is from Saint Paul; no kids but lots of chickens and chores!! We do enjoy farming and we have an open farm policy, come when you want!

Naples Acres

Belinda Olson

Braham, MN


Nelson Grass Farm

Ryan and Desiree Nelson

Ogilvie, MN

We started farming our own farm in 2012, 76 acres of open pastures, woods and lowlands.  We farm from the soil up.  What does that mean?  We take great pride in regenerating our soil to grow nutritious food for our animals.  Our meat and egg products are then nutrient dense as well.  How do we do this?  We raise chickens, laying hens, turkeys, pigs and rabbits on pasture during Minnesota’s growing season.  We rotate our animals in temporary electric fence and/or in movable shelters out on pasture.  Our broiler chickens are moved every day to fresh pasture, our hens are moved twice a week to fresh pasture. We feed transitional organic, no soy feed to our omnivores that is freshly ground at a local feed mill before being delivered to our farm.  As our animals move around the farm, they are fertilizing our soils and life on the farm continues to diversify.  This year we will have eggs, whole and pieced out chickens and possibly whole or pieced rabbit available.  Our laying hens are AWA certified, Animal Welfare Approved, and we are audited annually.

Rita's Gardens

Rita Kennedy

Hinckley, MN

I have been specializing in cut flowers for over 20 years.  My vegetables and flowers are organically grown.  I enjoy experimenting with new varieties to find the most beautiful flowers with longest vase life. 

Shoua Lee's Garden

Shoua Lee

Isanti, MN

We are a second Hmong American generation farm in rural Isanti, MN. Always herbacide and pesticide free. We practice sustainable agriculture to grow healthy foods. Our garden grows a varity of fruits and vegetables, from your potatoes, tomatoes, and beans to bitter melon, Asian greens, and squash tips. Did you know squash tips are edible? Expand your tastebuds.

Sunnyside Farm

DeeDee LeMier

Grasston, MN


Sunrise Flour Mill

Marty and Darrold Glanville

North Branch, MN

Sunrise Flour Mill is a small mill specializing in organic heritage wheat & other grain products. Heritage wheat usually is digestible in people with gluten intolerance.

Tim's Timber

Tim & Maureen Harder

Hugo, MN

Tim's Timber began 20 years ago as a portable sawmill operation, and add a sugar shack to cook down maple sap shortly thereafter.  We sustainably tap over 500 trees on our 75 acres and use only natural cleansers and defoamers in our cooking and cleaning processes.

Clover Bee Farm

Andrew & Margo Hanson-Pierre

Shafer, MN

Andrew started farming in 2012 after realizing that life is short and one must do what they love. So, an internship begun at Loon Organics in 2012. In November 2012 the team at Sleeping Frog Farm in Arizona welcomed Andrew. Minnesota was calling for another season at Loon Organics and the farm education continued through a harvesting manager position at Gardens of Eagan the following year. In addition to farming, Andrew enjoys biking, running, having coffee with friends, reading lots of fiction novels, cooking and outdoor activities such as kite flying and hiking with our dog, Aida. Margo has always been an artist, gardener and outdoor enthusiast. Inspired by friends who were entering the field of farming and moved out of Minnesota, she settled down in Arizona to farm at Sleeping Frog. Arizona did not suit the need for family connection and greenery, so in April 2013, Margo moved back and worked at York Farm, where the techniques needed for vegetable farming were learned further. In the downtime available, Margo likes to watch shows, play with Ellie cat and Milton cat, draw, and recreate outdoors alongside Andrew and Aida. Andrew and Margo met online in 2011, were recently married in October of 2016 and enjoy farming together very much. The farm was purchased in 2018 in Shafer, Minnesota.